Andreas Schreiber
CEO of Evoke Socks






It all started when I was hanging out with one of my Swedish friends, who was really into men’s style and fashion fads at the time. He was that guy who always had the latest gear, the coolest gadgets, and wore the trendiest fashion. While we were grabbing drinks at the bar, my friend subtly raises his pant leg and shows off his bright and colorful socks. “These are girl magnets,” he said. “Just watch,” and soon enough girls would come up and ask him about his socks. Every damn time. I can’t lie, I felt fairly jealous. Then I realized the potential of the colorful socks, as a way to connect people, it was not only a conversation starter but a trendy expression of individuality.


Evoke Socks mission has been simple from day one. Provide a high quality dress sock that evokes emotion through vivid colors and unique styles.

Our designs perpetuate true inspiration, while the luxurious cashmere content of all of our dress socks provides a comfort for the feet like no other sock company in the world. Treat your feet!


Although born in California, I grew up in Sweden in a small town called Taby. I was tall for my age, lingering at about 6ft5 at the age of 13. Naturally, I would take to basketball, and at the age of 16 I would travel back to California by myself, to chase my basketball dream. Standing 6ft9 tall, I became a McDonald’s All-American Nominee in High School, and would end up attending the University of Pennsylvania, a regular champion of the NCAA D1 Ivy League Conference. I would win an Ivy League championship as a freshman, and face off DeAndre Jordan’s Texas A&M in the NCAA Tournament. After completing college with a degree in Environmental Studies, I would join my Swedish National Team in the European Championship Qualifier shortly after my graduation. I was offered a professional contract in Spain, and have since then played in countries such as France, and the UK as well. I am still a professional basketball player, when I’m not tending to my sock addiction that is Evoke Socks.



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Treat every woman the way you'd want your daughter to be treated.
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