Our Evoke Socks

We are proud to present the finest and boldest men’s dress sock in its class. We urge you to wear to inspire!

Evoke Socks Materials

All Evoke Socks are made in 80% Cashmere, 18% polyester, and 2% elastane.


Evoke Socks are currently offered in one standard sock size:
U.S. Men’s shoe size 9-13
U.K. Men’s shoe size 8-12
European Men’s shoe size 42.5-48

Evoke Socks Care and Washing Instructions

It is important to note that because our socks carry such high content of Cashmere Wool, it has the potential to shrink under heat, just like any other fine wool product. Always hand-wash your Cashmere products in cold water (30ᵒC/86F), or turn the dial on your washing machine to “Delicate/Hand Wash” cycle and set the water to Cold/Cold. Wash inside out. Avoid bleaching or ironing socks. Never tumble dry your Cashmere Socks; instead, leave them on a flat surface to air-dry.

IMPORTANT: When removing the sock tag, NEVER rip the tag off. This may cause the fine fibers of the socks to tear. Instead, use a scissor to carefully remove the nylon thread that holds the tag and sock together.